Try the Gambling Africa complaints resolution service if you are having problems with an online casino, sportsbook or pokerroom.

If you have a complaint about any online casino, mobile casino, land casino, lottery or betting site that you are struggling to get resolved, let us try and help as part of's free gambling complaint service.

All you have to do is complete the complaint form below (in as much detail as possible) which will allow us to liaise with the gambling operator involved and attempt to mediate a satisfactory solution on your behalf.

What's more, in an attempt to expedite the process, we will pull out all the stops to elicit a response - and hopefully a practical solution - to your complaint within 24 to 48 hours of submitting the complaint form.

Why Should You Log a Complaint?

Because the online gambling industry is a service industry like any other, where great service should be the norm and thus rewarded with loyalty and positive word of mouth, and bad service should be brought to the attention of online gamblers the world over as fast and effectively as possible as a warning to stay clear.

By offering our free online gambling complaint service, we at Gambling Africa are playing our part by giving you access to a broader and more effective platform from which to voice your grievances, as well as helping to identify and rid the industry of irreputable, dishonest and untrustworthy gaming operators.

  Complaint Latest Reply Status
sure money
Logged: 09 Nov 2014 00:34 by Doyin I. against Bet365
17 Nov 2014 07:41
Winner casino false advertising liars
Logged: 30 May 2013 20:50 by rory d. against Winner Casino
Winner Casino
09 Oct 2014 15:57
No withdrawal allowed
Logged: 30 Mar 2014 10:06 by Stacy W. against Springbok Casino
Springbok Casino
20 Sep 2014 16:22
Payout taking too long
Logged: 13 Feb 2013 16:19 by Biff B. against Grand Online Casino
Grand Online Casino
21 Mar 2013 16:09
Can`t change payout option
Logged: 13 Feb 2013 16:18 by Biff B. against Casino Las Vegas
Casino Las Vegas
21 Mar 2013 16:08
I want my deposit bonus!
Logged: 04 Mar 2013 13:15 by Mark H. against Royal Vegas Casino
Mark H.
21 Mar 2013 16:07
Still waiting for my cash out
Logged: 07 Feb 2013 14:25 by aaa b. against 21 Nova Casino
aaa b.
21 Mar 2013 16:06

Most Common Complaints

We will attempt to address any and all online gambling-related complaints, but the most common we encounter typically involve poor or no player support, late or non payment of winnings, late or non payment of withdrawal requests, misrepresentation of various bonus offers, and non payment of jackpots.

Complaint Progress Ladder

From the time you submit a complaint, it will be on one of the steps of the progress ladder:

  Status Description
New New The complaint has been logged.
Under Review Under Review We are currently reviewing the complaint and have initiated communication with the player and / or gambling site.
Resolved Resolved The issue has been resoled to our satisfaction.
Unresolved Unresolved Whilst we endeavour to resolve every complaint, this is not always possible. Sometimes the site in question does not respond or refuses the address their side of the problem. In this instance we will clearly indicate any unsatisfactory casino response.
Closed Closed No response from player or inadequate information.

Submitting Complaint Information

If you submit a complaint, please bear in mind that the more information you provide us with in as much detail as possible will greatly increase the chances of us reaching a satisfactory conclusion on your behalf.

Remember to include a step by step chronological description of any and all conversations you may have had with the gaming site or operator in question - whether verbally or via email or Live Chat - so that we can accurately track the course of events as they happened.

NOTE: When submitting a complaint, please do not include any of your gaming site login details such as usernames and passwords. If we require this information, we will contact you directly to ask for it.


Unfortunately, try as hard as we do, a 100% success rate is just not possible as some operators point blank refuse to engage with us.

In the event that we have tried everything in our power to resolve your complaint, but have been unsuccessful, from a legal standpoint please be aware that we accept no liability or responsibility for any losses that may be incurred before, during or after the logging of your complaint with Gambling Africa.

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