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Winner casino false advertising liars
Logged: 30 May 2013 20:50 by rory d. against Winner Casino
Winner Casino
09 Oct 2014 15:57
Hi guys , eventhough i see there are quite a few complaints already about winner casino i wanted to warn anybody else out there about this casino..i signed up with them about a month or so ago , have made numerous deposits.few days ago i decided to actually make use of the refer a friend bonus. I convinced a gold member from a rival casino to give them a try,my friend deposited and met requirements. when i contact support about this , they explained to me step by step the procedures that need to be taken in order to receive the refer a friend bonus. i had not invited my friend through the cashier section the proper way where they email an invite. so fair enough i did not do it correctly so i gladly accepted the fact that i can not claim this bonus. so i ran through the EXACT steps that needed to be followed with the agent on chat to ensure i did everything right this time and i will not lose the bonus again. So then i managed to finally convince another friend to LEAVE THEIR CURRENT CASINO WHERE THEY ARE A PLATINUM member to sign up with winner casino and give them a bash. i went into the cashier section where the invites get sent out ,and got his correct email address where the invite must be sent to. after confirming with him that he did indeed receive the invite , he followed the link in the email and had to even use a RAF code when signing up in order to receive the bonus. He then made a successful deposit as the terms state , and more than quadrupled the wagering requirements to be able to claim the refer a friend bonus . and both of us have had more than 25 successful game rounds as stated in the terms.So i finally contact support to let them know this time i did everything as you guys told me all requirements are met etc..I have been struggling for the past 4 days with this problem and have spoken to agents that literally seem like robota with automated stupid excuses.The first excuse was that there is no proof that i am the one who invited him , there is no record of me ever inviting i told my friend to forward the email to myself and the casino where it says my name massively RORY INVITES YOU TO JOIN ECT....and the mail was sent from ...i sent the mail to the agents who just carried on telling me that the system doesn`t show anything and the system cant be wrong and that the mail is not linked to my eventually i tell them are you telling me that an employee from winner casino `NAMED RORY"is the one who sent the email and I`m lying it wasn`t me? they literally said YES WE SEND MANY PROMOTIONAL AUTOMATED EMAILS. SO the first excuse was I NEVER SENT THE INVITE AND WAS NOT THE ONE WHO REFERED HIM AND THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO.then i tried again and a different agent told me that the requirements were not met. when i know for a fact that they all were i made 100 sure this time ,so i asked them to please tell me what i did wrong or what requirements were not met?? they simply said they cant tell me that the system is automated but it wasnt met so sorry no bonus.then i tried again last night to speak to an agent with maybe a bit more of a brain , this timeand this is the best of all..this time after hours of speaking to these people coming up with all these excuses i get told ..that oh no they can see i refered him and the requirements were met , but the relevant department has just informed them that the refer a friend promotion is not running at the moment? ??and as soon as it is running again i will be credited my bonus because it is owed to me.when i asked why is the promo all of a sudden not running?is it a technical problem?are they busy working on it?when will it be fixed?and how long has it been down?the agent simply could not answer the question he said that they are limited to that kind of information!!!!! and he couldnt give me the simplest of answers!!!so this morning i log in again to see if their problem with the refer a friend bonus has been fixed and the promo up and running again?this time the same stupid agent from the previous day tells me there was never a problem and the refer a friend bonus is running!!!!at this point im boiling because evertime its a complete different and crap excuse on why they are not giving me what is due!!i couldnt actually believe the nerve and lies of all these people!! i literally lost my cool and even threw in a few swearwords (yes i have been pushed that far!!!)this time i get told that oh sorry your account has received too many bonuses? ? i mean all i have the received ever is the standard signup bonuses and the first month 25 bonus on all deposits its the standard bonuses as per their website!! i mean the refer a friend bonus is advertised a certain way , when i didnt get the first one the agent ran through exactly what i needed to do step by step to ensure i get it all correct!! its literally been like sucking water from a stone gtting anything out of them!! and all i wanted was what was owed to me as they advertise and as the agent told me to do!! myself and my friend have made successful deposits met requirements did everything right !so please guys there are p-l-e-n-t-y other playtech casinos who actually stand by and deliver as promised when they advertise something , winner casino is the first playtech casino i find to be manipulative , they false advertise , and the agents straight up lie and each one comes up with whatever excuse they can think of that would enable them to not give the bonuses as advertised. not one agent could give me a valid reason on why im not credited , instead all these random things like me lying and not inviting him , then other agents come and completely contradicts what the previous one said??? i mean its a joke and then the cherry on the cake was last night they are working on the promo and i have met all requirements and will be credited when its up and running again but couldnt give me slightest indication when...only to find out today there was never a problem and the promo is running as always!!!so please guys if they can blatently lie like that i dont even wanna try and withdraw , like i saw on previous complaints of theirs!!! so yeah many a great playtech casinos out there like and omni especially , so dont waste your time with winner casino no matter how convincing their advertising may seem!! rory d.
30 May 2013 20:50
New Complaint
This complaint has been closed after Winner casino emailed us saying the bonus has been given to Rory. Winner Casino
09 Oct 2014 15:57

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