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Your privacy is important to us. Read our privacy policy and see how we protect you. holds the privacy of our visitors as most important. Here at we always endeavour to run our site according to the Privacy laws pertinent to our site as well as to our services we offer. We take the privacy of our visitors very seriously, and while we collect information on occasion from our visitors, we have strict guideline to which we adhere to. Our privacy policy clearly sets out how and why we collect certain information.

Information Collection will (as stated above) collect information from those visiting our site. This information is usually limited to your email address and name. This information is then used for you to be able to access restricted parts of the site as well as informative newsletters from We see this as a great opportunity to keep you up to date with casino-specific promotions and interesting news about the industry of gambling in Africa. This type of registration is optional. Any information gathered is to continually improve the quality of our website.

How we use the information

The information that is collected has a specific purpose which is clearly stated where you information is inputted. We respect your privacy and will only use your details for the purpose it was intended for. This information is used to enhance your time spent on our website.

Cookies does make the use of cookies. These cookies are placed on your computer, so when returning to our website you are recognized. This facilitates ease-of-use of our site, making it a better experience as it becomes more customized to your preferences. Once again, we take your privacy very seriously.

Information Disclosure

Your information will be only available to those employed by We do not pass this knowledge onto any third-parties, unless required to by law. You are not obliged to register on our site in order to use it.


We have used our best knowledge to protect your privacy, using standard measures. We will continually attempt to update our security to protect your privacy to the best of our ability.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Changes to our Privacy policy will be made on our website as they occur.

Any Feedback with regard to's privacy policy is appreciated. Please fill out our visitor feedback form with any comments.

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