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Please make sure you read and understand the GamblingAfrica.com terms and conditions. The information provided is key to your safe gambling experience.

Terms of Service

GamblingAfrica.com is an independent web portal that has no partnership with any online casinos. We serve as an objective observer of the online gambling industry with special interest in Africa.

We do not offer any online gambling services which includes online sport betting, online skills games, online poker or any other online games that are considered "gambling".

When participating in any form of online gambling, please be mindful that this type of entertainment' carries with it the burden of risk. If you are vulnerable to actives that can become addictive or are aware of someone who is becoming addicted as a result of online gambling, please contact your nearest gambling addiction association in the country in which you reside. If in need you may try responsiblegambling.co.za.

Terms of Use

gamblingafrica.com is essentially an information service that gives industry news, community services and an interactive interface. When using this website for the aforementioned purposes please note that you are bound by our terms of service, and by doing so the responsibility to make yourself aware of any changes to these terms falls with you.

For the purpose of these terms of service, the term "gamblingafrica.com" refers to all products and services offered on the website, without any exclusion.

We take no responsibility for any errors or omission of any information whatsoever on this website. Any Information that is gained from this website is done at the user's own risk. We bear no responsibility when this information is uses. We appeal to any visitors to our site to please check the terms of service of the third party websites that we promote.

Applicable Law

gamblingafrica.com would strongly suggest that you are aware of any laws that govern online gambling in your area before engaging in online gambling. Please make sure that online gambling is legal in the area that you live in before participating in this activity. Your age is important, as this may prohibit you from gambling online if you are considered underage in your location. The onus lies with the participant to regulate themselves with regard to their eligibility to partake in online gambling.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

GamblingAfrica.com has ownership of all the content on this website. This information may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever without the prior consent of GamblingAfrica.com. If such consent is given by GamblingAfrica.com it would be subject to guidelines as set out by GamblingAfrica.com. The content refers to any written or graphic material found on the site known as GamblingAfrica.

Registration and User Information

GamblingAfrica.com may require your information for registration on our and third parties sites. This information will be viewed as privileged information and kept confidential as set out in our Privacy Policy.

Conduct of Visitors

GamblingAfrica.com reserves the right to block any visitor to our site that has shown to be offensive or responsible for inaccurate facts.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

GamblingAfrica.com provides a lot of content from third party sources as well directly from our staff. We do make an effort to ensure this information is accurate, but in the event this information is incorrect or insufficient in any way GamblingAfrica.com hold no warranty and bears no liability in this regard. GamblingAfrica.com prides itself on its customer service, however we cannot guarantee our availability at all times. We will try our best to provide fast communication when enquiries are made, we however cannot guarantee a turnaround time.

The information we provide is used at your own risk. GamblingAfrica.com will not be held liable for any financial loss you may suffer from the use of the information contained on our site. The responsibility lies with you to use your own discretion when using the data found on GamblingAfrica.com. It is our endeavour to provide you with authentic information. Always be aware that the final choice to gamble online is your own and the risk it bears is your alone and GamblingAfrica.com accepts no responsibility. The use of our website is in no way an acceptance of liability and by doing so you agree to not hold GamblingAfrica.com responsible in any way for any loss that you might incur. This holds true regardless of your local laws with no exception.

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