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Review updated: 15 October 2012

Mauritius National Lottery

Jackpot: MUR
Next Draw: 12 Apr 2014
Most recent draw results (05 Apr 2014)
11 15 16 34 36 40 

Lottery Info

The Mauritian National Lottery, or Loterie Nationale, has been operating under government license since 2008 and is a partnership between Lottotech Mauritius and US gaming giant GTECH.

The lottery is a 6 in 40 style game with prize pools regularly reaching as much as Rs 11 million (US $ 350,000). In addition to the lottery game, Lottotech offers a wide variety of scratch card and other instant games available at their hundreds of retailers around the country. The Lotto draw takes place every Saturday at 20:30 and is broadcast on MBC 1.

A key requirement of the Mauritian government was a skills transfer program that would see the most functions of operation eventually operated by locals. As part of this responsibility a comprehensive responsible gambling program was launched which includes protection of minors (only over 18's may play).

Prize Divisions

What are your odds of winning the lottery?
Prize Divisions
Division 1 6 of 6 numbers 1:3,838,380
72,32% of prize pools plus any carry over
Division 2 5 of 6 numbers 1:18,816
9.04% of funds
Division 3 4 of 6 numbers 1:456
18,64% plus any amount not won in the 5of 6 category
Division 4 3 of 6 numbers 1:32
Rs 100 per winner plus amount not won in 4 of 6 category
Division 5 Any Prize 1:29

Contact Details

Getting in touch with Mauritius National Lottery

Having a reliable and knowledgeable support team always within reach is a large part of forming a trusting relationship with a lottery provider. Below are the relevant details:

History and Regulations

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