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Although Nigerians are fond of sports betting, the country does not have any licensed bookie.

Sports betting is an immensely popular activity in Nigeria, although the country does not have a licensed and regulated sports betting industry. Since Nigeria does not have any licensed land-based bookie, Nigerian punters register at UK-based and other international online bookmaking sites to place football and soccer bets.

The Nigerian government has legalized and regulated only some forms of gambling such as casino gaming and national lottery gaming. The law, however, makes it illegal for players to bet on cards games which are considered to be games of chance alone.

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  2. Popular Markets

    Nigerian players love to bet on almost any sport under the sun, but football is the favorite sport in Nigeria. Nigerian football fans in their hundreds and thousands love watching football matches and betting on their favorite teams. Nigerians are especially fond of betting in favor of their favorite teams and players.

    Since online betting facilities come with features such as live streaming, in-play betting, and reliable picks, more and more Nigerian football punters prefer placing bets at offshore online sportsbooks. Some of the favorite offshore online sportsbooks in Nigeria are Ladbrokes, Bet365, Gamebookers, William Hill, Expekt, Unibet, and Betfred, to name some of them. A total of 467 offshore online sportsbooks accept bets from Nigerian players.

    The best of these offshore online sportsbooks offer players a number of football-related promotions, reduced juice options, cash back and rebates, rewards for loyalty, and deposit bonuses. Besides, they also offer a wide range of banking methods ideal for the use of Nigerian football punters.

    Nigerian Gambling Laws

    The Government of Nigeria passed the Criminal Code Act in 1990 to clarify and define what exactly constitutes illegal gambling and what does not. Forms of gambling such as roulette, card games of chance, games of dice except backgammon, games of cowries, and a game called chacha are considered illegal in Nigeria. The Act however legalizes totalisators used by government-recognized race clubs and licensed betting businesses.

    Football Betting Tips

    Betting on football in Nigeria is the same as betting on football in the rest of the world. Since Nigerian players do no have any licensed bookie in Nigeria, they must register at an offshore online sportsbook to place their bets. Finding a good online sportsbook will not be difficult for Nigerian players because a wide range of review sites and sports betting service portals offer honest and comprehensive reviews of the best sportsbooks in the industry. Punters simply have to choose a sportsbook suited to their requirements.

    Nigerian punters must remember to thoroughly research their game before placing a bet. Free football picks for Nigerian punters are available in plenty, but punters should never place a bet before thoroughly researching the game on their own.

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