Euro Games Technology Moves to Africa

Gaming machine manufacturer, Euro Games Technology, has expanded their business into Africa by opening an international office in the Tanzanian capital city, Dar es Salaam. Following an installation in Armenia, the Bulgaria-based company is continuing to expand.

Together with the new offices, EGT has installed gaming machines throughout the country and plans to provide top service and support to their customers. Africa is expected to become a significant gaming market based on the fast growth there has been in the industry.

”EGT customers are delighted to know that now we are close to them and are always ready to assist them in any way,” commented Boyko Boev, Director of EGT Africa. “We also provide technical support which contributes further to the convenience and comfort of our partners here in Tanzania.”

EGT Expands Installation of Machines

EGT has expanded the installation of their machines throughout the country. A number of major gaming halls in Dar es Salaam, such as Kumekucha, Mwananyamala, Africa Sana and Madukani, have received new EGT gaming machines and they have plans to expand the installation of machines further to Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

EGT has partnered with Lotus Valley Ltd, which operates a number of casinos and gaming halls and according to Boev, players in Tanzania have been very happy with the games that are available.

"The customers’ enthusiasm about our products has been so great that we have started procedures to install a great variety of EGT gaming machines – the Vega R8 Roulette, the Cat 4 Cash multi-level progressive jackpot system, Premier Series multi-game mixes and the Exciter II platform, as well as machines and software from the Vega Vision Series," stated Boev.

Boev revealed that requests have been received for the company’s gaming machines from some of the major land casinos in the country, including Le Grand Casino, New Africa and Sea Cliff. New installations have been planned throughout South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.

Further Growth Expected into Africa

The opening of a new international office in East Africa is EGT’s first step towards establishing its presence in the continent. As the gaming market in Africa continues to grow, EGT is planning for a successful future in the industry.

”I predict an extremely successful future for EGT in the African gaming market. We are expanding fast and soon we shall also be present in other countries on the continent like Congo, Ghana, Central Africa, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda and many more,” said Boev.