Nigeria Focuses on its Lotteries

Lottery gambling is popular in Nigeria. A recent examination of the lottery has indicated that there could be a significant increase in revenue and that there is a need for improved regulation. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to fight unethical and illegal practices in the lottery sector.

Lottery Revenue in Nigeria

According to Adolphus Ekpe, Director General of the NLRC, the commission has generated more than N4 billion through the Lottery Trust Fund over the past decade. Of this, slightly over N1 billion was approved to be used for developing sporting facilities for more than 1,000 primary schools around the country. However, he has indicated that the commission should be able to generate revenue of over N1 billion annually.

Ekpe spoke at the inauguration of the Planning and Implementation Committee for a program of activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of lottery regulation in Nigeria. The program will run over the course of a year.

Ekpe also added that the regulatory performance of the commission has been below its potential due to technology constraints and insufficient manpower. Working on the efficiency of the commission, as well as the collaboration between the EFCC and the NLRC will hopefully bring about a needed lottery reform in Nigeria.

Fighting Illegal Lottery Practices

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission has signed an agreement with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in a stand to end illegal lottery practices that are occurring in Nigeria.

"Some people have turned lottery to gambling, fraud and economic crime platforms," stated Ekpe. “For those of us in the Lottery Commission, we have been given several names like cacha and all sorts. We are not deterred. In fact, this is why this collaboration with EFCC becomes imperative."

Ibrahim Lamorde, Chairman of the EFCC said that the aim of the collaboration would be to be to remove any cheats or illegal operators from the industry. They plan to enforce the National Lottery Act in the areas of training, investigation and prosecution.

There are many opportunities in Nigeria to enjoy legal lotteries. Power Lottery is the official license holder for the Nigeria Lottery and it runs a number of games with large jackpots. Some of the most popular are the Sports Lotto, Mega Lot and Instant Lotto which together offer millions of Naira in prize money.