Springbok Casino Celebrates South African Inventions

April is here and Springbok Casino once again shows how it is proudly South African. Get some free spins when you join in the fun as Springbok Casino celebrates South African inventions, and discoveries. There really is a lot to be proud of including the first ever heart transplant, Pratley Putty, rooibos tea, and plenty more.

Free Spins to Celebrate South African Achievements

Springbok Casino is hosting a special promotion to help you celebrate South African Achievements. Enjoy 25 free spins on the T-Rex slot game from now until April 30th, 2018. Although the slot itself might have nothing to do with South Africa or inventions, it can be played at a uniquely South African online casino in Rands. Make sure to use the free spins bonus code INVENTIONS to redeem this offer.

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Daniel van Wyck, the Springbok Casino Manager, commented on South African achievements. After looking into the various inventions listed on the site, he said: "I find these stories about brilliant South African really inspiring! I'm impressed by what our country has contributed to the world."

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South African Inventions

There are some great South African inventions, some of which you might love more than others. You can enjoy a nice hot cup of rooibos tea, which comes from an indigenous South African plant or you can get really loud with a Vuvuzela!

The first heart transplant in which a human donor heart was placed into another human was done by Christiaan Barnard. In 1972, Allan Cormack, who was born in South Africa, collaborated with a British engineer, Godfrey Hounsfield, creating computed tomography, now known as the CT or CAT scan. Both these medical advances have had a huge impact on modern medicine today.

Pratley Putty, invented by Johannesburg born George Montague Pratley, has held many things together ever since. Pratley Plastic Putty was developed in the Pratley lab in the 1960s, and has helped hold together a space module that landed on the moon. Other great inventions include thin-film solar module technology that makes solar power more affordable, and you can also get a great fully functioning oil-can guitar.