Springolph is Back at Springbok Casino

Springolph, everybody’s favorite Christmas Springbok, is back. In between delivering gifts to lucky South Africans with Santa, Springolph resides at Springbok Casino. Over the next few weeks you get the chance to track Springolph as he prepares for Christmas with his family.

Springolph Gets Ready for the Festive Season

Every year, Springolph shares his stories with us. So far this year, Springolph managed to crash his sled into a tree because he was going too fast. Luckily for his family, they each had their own sleds. Picking his bruised body up, Springolph went to get a Christmas tree to surprise his wife Claire, and 2-year-old daughter Hannah.

Being who Springolph is, however, meant that things did not necessarily go as planned. Our Christmas Springbok brought home a great tree, decked it out in loads of fairy lights, and plugged it in. As he switched on the lights, he caused his entire neighborhood to have a blackout.

Springolph made himself scarce when it came to baking Christmas cookies. While he might not like baking cookies, he certainly likes eating them. Hannah and Claire went out while the cookies were baking. Springolph went to the kitchen to taste the cookies. All went well until his family came home, and he quickly closed the hot oven door… on his tongue.

Every week for the next few weeks, Springolph’s adventurous stories take us through to the New Year. Have no fear because it’s not all bad. Springolph’s adventures remind us to look on the lighter side of life as we head into the holiday season.

Christmas-Themed Slots at Springbok Casino

Along with Springolph, Springbok Casino also offers players a number of other chances to get into the Christmas spirit. The casino has a number of Christmas-themed slot games, along with many other card and table games. The casino’s slots come from the well-known RTG (Realtime Gaming) software company.

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Play your favorites on your PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Android smartphone and tablet users play on the free app, while all players can play in Rands. You can even choose whether you would like to play in Springbok Casino in English or Afrikaans.

Some of the popular Christmas slots include Naughty or Nice 3: Car Wash, and Naughty or Nice: Spring Break. These slots features Santa’s sexy helpers who just need to smile to increase the holiday cheer. Santastic is a great slot in which it is possible to get a 2,500x multiplier, and other features.