Fastest Withdrawal Casinos

Which African casinos have the fastest withdrawals? Online casinos with the quickest payouts are the most popular amongst African casino players.

Anyone who plays at an online casino look for one thing definitely, above all else: fast withdrawals and a quick cashout time. This is one of the main things people look for, though not much is talked about it, along with other factors like:

  • Look and feel
  • Games and promotions
  • Customer support
  • Payment methods

Fast Bonus Cash-out Casinos

  Casino   Type Value Payout (Hours)  
Slots Magic Casino Match €400 Immediate Get Bonus
Box24 Casino Match R2400 24 hours Get Bonus
Luckland Casino Match R10000 24 hours Get Bonus
Mansion Casino Match R5000 24 hours Get Bonus
Omni Casino Match R5500 24 hours Get Bonus
Silver Sands Casino Match R5000 24 hours Get Bonus
Slots Heaven Casino Match £400 24 hours Get Bonus
Black Diamond Casino Match $999 24 hours Get Bonus
Caribic Casino Match €300 24 hours Get Bonus
Casino Midas Match $3333 24 hours Get Bonus Match £3200 24 hours Get Bonus
EUcasino Match €5250 24 hours Get Bonus
Fly Casino Match $110 24 hours Get Bonus
Jackpot Capital Casino Match $100 24 hours Get Bonus
Kings Chance Casino Match $1000 24 hours Get Bonus
Slotland Casino Match $1000 24 hours Get Bonus
21 Nova Casino Match £320 24 hours Get Bonus
Casino Las Vegas Match £400 24 hours Get Bonus
Winner Casino Match €350 24 hours Get Bonus
Thunderbolt Casino Match R10000 48 hours Get Bonus
Springbok Casino Match R11500 48 hours Get Bonus
Apollo Slots Match R9999 48 hours Get Bonus
Jackpot Cash Casino Match R5000 48 hours Get Bonus
Yebo Casino Match R12000 48 hours Get Bonus
Sloto Cash Casino Match $7777 72 hours Get Bonus
Silver Oak Casino Match $10000 240 hours Get Bonus

Fast cashout times are not obligatory; players will play at online casinos even if they do not boast of the fastest cashout times as long as they have a good and safe game experience. Fast cashout times are, at the same time, not something you ignore completely because they help you get your money fast. There is not much a casino can do to ensure fast cashout times, given that the different payment methods come with their own cashout times. Or is there?

On this page we have put together a list of the fastest real money casinos in Africa in terms of cashout times. These are some of the fastest withdrawal casinos and accept payment in Rands and other African currencies. Mind you, these casinos have been listed here after extensive analysis on different parameters, with major emphasis on the cashout times. What this effectively means is that these casinos are some of the best for African players looking for not just a good and safe game experience but also for receiving their winnings from the casino fast.

We offer complete and comprehensive information on casinos that offer the best and fastest Africa casino withdrawals. This means you get not just reviews about the casinos but also information on the cashout times, payment methods supported, and much more. We also have an FAQ section with detailed answers to simple queries related to payment methods, cashout times, payout percentages, and more.

Fastest African Casino Withdrawals - The Gambling Africa Advantage

So what separates Gambling Africa from the rest when it comes to reviewing and listing out the fastest African casinos dealing in Dollars and Rands? Quite a lot, actually! We are a team with vast experience in the online gambling industry. So when we review a casino, you can be assured that it is thorough and takes into account all the different aspects of an online casino. Our reviews and listings of the fastest payout casinos for African players are based primarily on cashout methods and times, but those are not the only criteria. There are a range of other factors we analyze and measure too:

  • Currency support
  • Payment methods
  • Casino brand
  • Game selection
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Customer Support
  • Return to Player (RTP)
  • Security
  • Overall player experience

When a review takes into account so many considerations, it is definitely exhaustive, may be even at the risk of being too detailed. However you look at it, we are the best resource for African players looking for real money casinos in Africa with the fastest cashout times.

Fastest Withdrawal Casinos that are Unsafe for African Players

Almost all online casinos you see today are professional and strive to provide players visiting them with the best possible online gaming experience. However, there are a few bad eggs here and there, and this is true of some of the fastest withdrawal casinos that accept South African Rands as well. These are casinos that you, therefore, would do well to stay away from when you are looking for a good casino to play at.

Some FAQs for Fastest African Casino Withdrawals

What is the special charge I need to pay for choosing one of the fastest cashout casinos to play at?

Online casinos that offer the fastest withdrawal services do so as a value addition for players. It is an incentive for more players to come and sign up at the casino. That is why there is no hidden or additional charge that you as a African player need to pay to the casino for the superfast cashout service that it offers you. You may, however, have to shell out some extra money to the payment provider you are using, depending on what package they offer at the online casino you are playing at.

Most of the complaints you see in online casino forums are about delays in disbursing payments and the welcome bonuses. Why is this so?

There are some casinos that are not as good as the rest (they figure on our blacklist), and players rightly complain about these at forums in a bid to make them aware of their unpopularity and change themselves if possible.

Most casinos attach wagering requirements/rollover requirements for players to be able to use their bonuses. If a player is not aware about these requirements and complaining about how it took so long for him to receive his bonus, he is definitely not doing the right thing. Similarly, if a player complains about the amount of time it took for a withdrawal to reach his account without being aware of the fact that the method he chose actually required that much time, that is not right. Of course, there are casinos that delay on getting the winnings across to a player, but these are just a handful.

So our take on this issue is that complaints about payment delays and bonuses need not always mean that the casino is at fault; sometimes it is the player who is at fault for not going through the casino's terms properly before crying wolf!

Do checks come under the category of payment methods offering the fastest cashouts?

If you are looking at a payment method that offers a fast cashout time, checks are not the best option definitely. Checks take a long time to reach your account, usually anywhere between 2-3 days to a week depending on which country you are playing at. The methods with the fastest cashouts are some of the e-wallets and also prepaid cards. So if you are looking to receive your casino winnings in the shortest possible time, try using NETeller, Skrill, or prepaid cards like Ukash.

How are fast cashouts and payout percentages related?

They are not related actually in any way, and are two different entities. Payout percentages represent the percentage of money a casino pays you for the amount you spend on it, while fast cashouts represent the time taken for your winnings to reach your bank account.

If a casino offers fewer deposit methods and another offers more deposit methods, would you ever rate the one with the lesser payment methods higher than the other one? Why?

There are instances where we would actually rate a casino with a lower number of payment methods higher than a casino with more payment methods. One major criterion we consider is the cashout time. So if there is a casino that has lesser deposit methods but all these methods have faster cashout times, and there is another casino with more payment methods but all with longer cashout times, we would actually rate the casino with the lesser methods higher.

The reason is simple: our major criterion is not the number of methods but the speed of delivery of winnings/payment of cashouts. So even if a casino has lesser payment methods you could use any of these methods and still receive your winnings faster than you would at the other casino.

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